Much earlier a new village called Hargobindpur had been established near the village of Ruhela, on the bank of the Beas river by Guru Arjan Dev. The fifth Guru named this new village in honour of his young son Hargobind. However, after the arrest, torture and martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev, the area fell under the control of Diwan Chandu Lal (an influential Hindu banker and chief minister of Emperor Jahangir. Jahangir took control of the whole area, but it was neglected and soon fell into ruin (Veerana). With the young (18 years old) Guru's attention focused on the intrigues that resulted in his father's death and the growing dangers to the Sikhs, his attention turned to efforts to train a force of Sikhs as he raised, armed and prepared a standing force of professional soldiers to defend himself and his devotees from attacks.