The Battle Of Hargobind Pur Was, The Second Battle In Which Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji And His Sikh Risaldari (Comrades), Fought The Forces Of Abdullah Khan The Mughal Governor, (Subedar) Of Jalandhar. This Historic War Happened in September 1629 (according to some chronicles 1628). The battle was fought near the village of Ruhela where Guru Hargobind and his warriors defeated the Mughal force commanded by Turkish chieftains and the governor Abdullah Khan. After the victory the area in which the battle was fought became the town of Sri Hargobindpur.


1 Reason for the Conflict

1.1 Bhagwan Das Ghirarh

1.2 In his anger Ratan Chand, Bhagwan's son, approached Abdulah Khan

2 Abdullah Khan's plan

3 The Battle

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