One day, Sayyed Jaani Shah, a Muslim devotee got a great urge and intense longing to find and connect with God. He left his family in the hope of finding a path to God. He disguised himself as a faqir (religious man) and set off on his trip to find eternal peace. However, many days later, he was still wandering at dusk, as the sun disappeared in the west. He tried everything; praying to the gods of the Hindus and Islam; he did his five Namaz' (Muslim prayers) daily, but despite all his efforts and his constant searching he found nothing.

He was told about Guru Nanak's house by someone. What he heard about the Guru filled his heart with happiness. So he travelled to meet with Khawaja Roshan (the sewadar of the Guru's horses). After he told Khawaja of his relentless search for God, Khawaja told him to pray before the Guru sitting at his dwaar (home).

Following the instructions given by Khawaja, Jaani Shah went and sat at the Guru's dwaar (house). He prayed to the Guru. Guru ji sent a Sikh to Jaani and asked him what he wanted; money, clothes, etc, - you will get it. But Jaani denied and said "Jaani ko Jaani Mila dao". (Please enable Jaani to meet Jaani (beloved Lord)).

The Guru arose and devised a test for Jaani. He said to his Sikhs, "If Jaani wants to meet the beloved God, tell him go and jump in the river Beas". After hearing that from a Sikh of the Guru, Jaani immediately started to run towards the river Beas. Guru ji immediately sent Bhai Bidhi Chand Chinna after him having asked him to quickly bring Jaani back. On his return, Guru Hargobind Sahib hugged him. Thus it was that Jaani Shah was introduced to the true Lord by Guru Hargobind Sahib. Guru Sahib blessed him saying, "If anyone comes to Jaani Shah's place, all his/her desires shall be fulfilled.